RSco’sdiverse market mainlycovers the MENA regionand South East Asia and some of these countries include:

United Arab Emirates



Saudi Arabia



It should however be mentioned that the company is optimistic about expanding this market base further in other emerging markets in the coming years with the aid of positive word of mouth marketing and the establishment of closer ties with its current clients, suppliers and business contacts. Additionally,the company aims to position itself in the minds of its clients as an organization that lives up to its values and stands out in its respective industry.
RSco acts as the Mother Company and financier of its subsidiaries in the UAE and Sultanate of Oman. The said subsidiaries play
a pivotal role in the foundation and structure of RSco in terms of providing support as well as expanding the business’ operations on
a local and international level. The subsidiaries of RSco include the following companies:

Golden Point FZ LLC – Established in Dubai, UAE in 2002; acts as the marketing , consulting and business development
channel for the group of companies

Watches, Jewelry, Precious stones & Telecom products

The trading of jewelry, watches, precious stones and telecommunication products have been a major success factor in the performance of the company over the years. Working with suppliers from Switzerland, Germany and France, RSco has traded many watches and luxury products
to clients in the UAE, Oman, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Construction Machineries

The trading of construction machineries have commenced during 2010 in accordance with the establishment of Merx International General Trading, an intermediary of New Holland Construction in the Middle East, working closely with RSco. The close relationship between Merx International General trading LLC and RSco has been a crucial success factor for both companies in recent financial years. In addition to the trading of construction machineries, an emphasis on providing the required spare parts is instrumental and plays a pivotal role in satisfying the demands of current and potential customers.

Group Of Companies

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